Any good tutorials or books on writing both rhythm and lead parts utilizing the floyd rose?

Also looking for ways to maximize sustain with floyd extended range vibrato, dive bombs, etc. Maybe ideas for other tricks.

Basically just want to master this thing. Everything I can find about the floyd rose is just how to set it up though.

Playing thrash, I have a Schecter Damien FR and a Hellraiser C7 FR.
on steve vais website theres a few lesson calle dlittle black dots or something and theres some good pointers on there
and if thers anyone i trust with floyd advice its steve vai

im not sure what part of it deal with floyd stuff but its all good adivce

found it

hope i helped someway
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Those tutorials look rad, thanks! Not exactly what I wanted, but generally helpful for guitar playing. And that second link is really close to what I wanted, but I was hoping for something longer with more detail. Thanks!