I think that what you have here are three very good song ideas, that just need to be developed a bit farther.

Each track starts off strong, but with instrumental music, there has to be a lot of movement within the song in order to keep the listener interested. Instrumental songs (especially guitar songs) must have a very strong melody, and at least two or three clear movements, otherwise they tend to become quite repetitive.

My advice would be this: Come up with some strong melodies to carry the songs, and experiment with different tones and techniques to mix up the sound within each song. Try to find something that will really grab the listener.

I hope I'm not coming across as harsh, I'm just trying to give some constructive criticism. I really did enjoy the songs, and you are definitely off to a good start with each of them. I enjoyed the acoustic song the most, and the ending of Untitled 2 had a cool climactic feel with all the different guitars. I hope you found this helpful

One more thing: try adding some reverb or delay to the ebow tracks, if you can. This may just be a personal taste thing, but I find that the Ebow often sounds too dry by itself.
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Thanks a lot. that's great advice and i'll be sure to take in to thought with future projects. and yeah i see what you mean, the Ebow could definitely use some effects.