Hello everyone!

I am advanced guitar player but I know very little about guitar amps so I would be very happy if someone could help me.

I have a big and old 80 W fender amp and these effects :
BOSS DS-2, EHX Small Clone, EHX Germanium OD, EHX Holy Stain
distortion------chorus-----------------overdrive------------------ chorus/reverb/phase shift/tremolo

And I am slightly dissapointed with them :-(

What I am looking for is a nice clean/crunchy guitar sound. Something like John Frusciante (ex RHCP) uses a lot. I love his sound! I looked up his guitar gear and I think I need another chorus pedal, BOSS CE-5 maybe? Or can you recomend me a good one?

I also have problems on stage when I want to completly change my sound. For example - I play sweet child of mine and the next song is a slow rock ballad using just reverb and a bit of tremolo. So I need to bypass everything but the EHX Holy stain -> the result is a very quiet sound because other effects are quite noisy. It takes long time to set up everything.

I'll appreciate any respond.
(sorry if I made a duplicite topic)
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Well, isn´t the crunch of the fender good enough for that? If it isnt powerful enough, try buying an overdrive pedal insted of distortion pedal. Boss OD1 or something like that, won´t cost you much second hand. The chorus is fine, you dont need another chorus... it is just about tweaking it right. Have you tried to put the Overdrive as the first, leave out the distortion and put the amp on a crunchy channel, then dial the gain down on the OD but the level up and EQ it so it has a bit more mid than treble. That is what I do when I want a crunchy tone.

I think you can get what you want just by tweaking your sounds you already have...
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Hello Peter,
For a nice crunch/boosted tone you can use a Fulltone Fulldrive 1 Mosfet. It has a good clean boost. A chorus pedal you could try is a rocktron dreamstar chorus. I use both pedals and I'm pretty satisfied with it.

greetings from Holland,

Unfortunately, my amp is not working properly - I can use only the clean tone and adjust EQ. What I do when I want to play something from RHCP is that I turn up the mids (80%), down the treble and bass (50%). Sounds ok, but the desired sound is much better. More sharper, wider, warmer...


If I had this sound (link) I would be really satisfied.

Johnan :

Thanks for very interesting recomendations. Both pedals look very nice, although really hard to find (here in Czech Republic). And they are quite expensive. Fortunately, the fulltone is avaible in my city, so I'll try it in the store.
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