Hey guys!
I know most of you here (if not all) love ice cream here! And do you guys 'mod' your ice cream before eating it?
I really like to sprinkle lot of malt (bourn-vita) onto a scoop of vanilla ice cream before eating it! It tastes amazing! You guys should definitely try it out! Any other combos?
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I haven't had ice cream at home for over a year. At my parents house I've had ice cream with some berries. It's nice.
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**** ice cream it can suck my dick


Just vanilla for me
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I chuck mine in the microwave for 5-10secs so you get melted goodness with some cold hard ice cream.
It's all about the sorbet mutha ucka.
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Maple syrup on everything. Except strawberry because that's gross. I eat strawberry ice cream on its own.

Actually idgaf, I just want ice cream and I'm too lazy to look for toppings