So, I sent my new guitar to a store to put in two new pickups. Emg 81 and 85.

But today, cleaning my guitar I realized that they put 81 in neck position and 85 in bridge.

Well, I wanted to switch their positions, so I basically just switched them.

Litteraly, I just unplugged the 3 pin header (the black thing) of one and inserted on the other's position:

Is it ok to do that without rearranging all the wires?
Yeah it will do, but i would contact your store/guitar tech and ask for a refund or have them change it
Agreed with above, bring it back to the store and get them to change it free of charge.
If he didn't specify what pickup he wanted where he can't blame the store. The 85 is used as a bridge pickup quite often. Most guys are doing it nowadays.
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Less of the nasty top end sound in the 85's. Alot of people like them for that reason.
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