hi..i m an intermediate guitarist..i hav been playin d acoustic for 3-4 years nw. Nw i m planin to buy an electric guitar. i m a metal fan wid IRON MAIDEN bein my fav band. bt i also play pink floyd nd eric clapton. Cud u guys plz sugest a good guitar for me..? i m ready to spend upto 500 $. i ws thinkin of buyin d ibanez xf350 falchion. is it a gud buy.? if nt den plz sugest anodr.

thnx in advance
A. Don't double post.
B. Take the $500, hire a tutor and learn some basic English. It isn't that hard.
C. Goto a guitar store and try out as many guitars as you can in your price range - buy the one that fits nicely in your hands and which you feel comfortable with.