Hey guys! First off, great job with the cover. I like the fact that it's actually two people playing together but you guys did a good job playing the song and the pinch harmonics sounded great from my end.

I liked your video and subscribed to your guys' channel, but definitely let me know whenever you guys post up new videos and such

But I'm not sure if you guys are really into Killswitch Engage, but my friend and I put a new cover of one of their songs and I was hoping you could give us a little feedback. We're still experimenting with sounds, video editing, etc. so it's not perfect. Thanks!

That was insane. I have a few comments.

1. Both guitars were insanely on time. I loved the fact that there is two people playing.
2. I liked the sound quality, much better than most YouTube covers.
3. Great tone. Enough said.

Please check out my thread if you could, Necrophagist!

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