The band was formed in September 2002 under the name of DESECRATED to perform black metal with some influence of death metal music. The first men to create the band were Alex W, Forneus and Viegthorn. Soon after Viegthorn left the band and he had been replaced by Werwolfe. Some time later the band's name had been changed to IRATUS DOMINUS and the style had become more complicated in the vein of extreme black and death metal bands such as MARDUK, BEHEMOTH, NILE and so on. During the era of IRATUS DOMINUS the band have had great live experience on stage and played with such band as ANCIENT, HATE, DEVILYN and many others. After releasing the first debut album "Dispatch the Incarnation of God" through THE FLAMING ARTS Agency the band took part in East-European tour with ROTTING CHRIST. Soon after, in 2006, the band decided to walk the path of total experiment and changed the name to ID:VISION. This name was considered to be the most suitable for the designed path of experimental modern metal. The band has decided to combine various styles of extreme metal music with electornic genres.The second album on the band's way and the first one under the sign of ID:VISION called "Plazmadkaos" was released in digibook format through Haardn Prods in August 2008. This album have had a great feedback from people and magazines all over the world. Continuing the designed way the band had recorded 4-track EP "X-ray Sun" in June-August. in June 2011 the band released a new full-length album, entitled "Destination Cybermind".

Mr. Rezistor - Vocals
Alex W - Guitars, vocals, synths and arrangements
Werwolfe - Bass
War-Tex - Synths and arrangements
LSD - Lead guitars
Sick Parasite - Lead guitars
Forneus - Drums

2007 - The 88 Flack's Attack (Demo)
2008 - Plazmadkaos (LP)
2009 - X-Ray Sun (EP)
2010 - Human Hazard (Single)
2011 - Destination Cybermind (LP)


Twitter: @idvisionband