I know it's not song lyrics or anything, but i've started to write a blog novel thingy and i wanted to know what people thought of it. I was also wondering if i should post it on my blog, or submit it as an article.

“F*ck this, F*ck you and F*ck this whole system! I can’t do this anymore! I gotta get back to the real world, not this sh*t-hole!”

The words still echoed in Jacks mind, just a few minutes ago, Livoniac’s bassist (Dom), had stormed out on the trio, 10 minutes before they would show their selves to the world as a band. Alexis slouched against the wall, glaring at the vocalist like it was his entire fault. Meanwhile, Red was squeezing through the tightly packed crowd, searching for someone who could replace their previous, hot-headed bassist.
i wasn't competely sure if it would be allowed, but i thought i saw things like this on this forum before. I probably should have checked first :/

EDIT just double checked the rules. it does allow short stories
You can post any form of original work, this includes: Lyrics, Poetry, Prose, Parodies, Short Stories, Screenplays and Scripts

If the swearing was the problem, that was a characterisation of that character and how he speaks/reacts, and has already been pulled back in the first proper chapter
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