Hey all.
I guess this is more of a "how would you do it?" than a "look how I did it". I've got an old Split sound that has a pretty mean buzz. The zero fret has some pretty deep notches so I got them filed down and did a bit of fret levelling across the whole board. The action is at a nice height but it still buzzes. Do I:
A- take more height off the frets
B-replace the zero fret
C- try and some how shim the neck/keep playing with the action

Also, anyone ever worked on one of these before? The Burns gearbox truss rod adjustment is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. It spins on a 16:1 ratio!
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How were you leveling the frets? Did you use a file/oilstone/whatever that was shorter than the fretboard to do it?

Filing a fallaway into the frets from about 12 upwards could help, depending on how you've done it so far. So yeah, details!
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Try filing a little more off the higher frets then, so that they are only slightly lower than the rest.

I find when I use things that are shorter than the whole neck to level frets that where the higher frets are closer together you end up filing less of them off, as there is more material to level.

Smooth it in gradually, Don't just go "right, I'm going to start at fret 12 and everything past there will be lower" if you get my drift. It should clear up that last little bit of fret buzz for you.
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Did that. MOST of the buzz is gone. I know that guitars are going to have a little buzz but there is just a bit more than i like on the A. I'll rework the action and see where it's at. This silly truss rod adjustment system they have makes it a bit harder to really gauge how much relief you're adding.
I've never heard of a geared truss rod before. Crazy.
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Who? What? Where?

I've heard of Burns of London,; I know they do something with guitars, but that's it.

You... Go for a complete re fret and order a nice thick fret wire for your frets if you want a fast neck... and... You go for a fret dress every 2 years.