So here's my story, some 10 years ago, I bought my first guitar. I knew nothing about them back then so I just bought whatever was available for my budget. I got a skylark for about 150$ and a amp I can't even remember the brand for another 100$. I'm from Morocco and there aren't a lot of affordable models around here.
They both turned out to be crap. I couldn't get it to sound good on the amp, there was a lot of buzzing and the overdrive channel had way too much noise and static. I put up with it for some months then I just stopped playing it, until I gave them both away to a friend.

Fast forward to this day. I'm in France for some months on a work assignment, I thought maybe I could finally buy a decent guitar for a reasonable price. I set myself a 400€ budget (about 500$) for guitar, amp and whatever else I might need, and after reading reviews and looking things up I settled on an epi G-400 and MG15FX duo and some goodies from woodbrass.com

In hindsight I realize I should have asked about it in here before taking the jump, but anyways here we are. So what do you think? Could I have gotten better (brand new) gear for that kind of money?

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The G400 is a good guitar but you got ripped off buying the shitty amp.
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Guitar ok, amp not so much.

But if YOU are happy with it, that's all that really matters.
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You did alright. Obviously a music store is going to be more costly than buying used or finding some awesome deal in the local classifieds.

That being said, you got a great guitar and an amp that is probably worlds better than your first one! And while some people aren't a fan of the Marshall MG series, this amp will give you someplace to start -- and most likely it'll sound great and be fun to play through. So, don't worry about it.

I'm glad you found something you liked!

N.B. I live in the USA so don't really have my finger on what those things sell for abroad...

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It's a nice deal. The Epiphone will serve you well, even in a few years and the marshall is a good amp for starters. It's not the best amp out there, but in the end, no one starts out with a full tube halfstack.
i have the exact same guitar and very happy with it, don't know about the amp...