So I'm really looking into getting a tube amp again. I've been looking at a lot of things.

Marshall Vintage Modern
Dr. Z Amps
Carvin x100b
Kustom 15h Defender

I want an amplifier that can do anything, maybe with the help of some pedals. I'll be using this amplifier for home practice, gigging, and teaching students.

I'm not inculding a speaker cabinet in my budget atm as that is token care of.

I play a lot of Jazz, Country, Blues, Hard Rock, some Metal, alternative metal/hard rock, and 80's hair metal.

I want a tube amp that can get that Country twang sound very easy with nothing but maybe a compressor and if I want, I throw a few pedals and get that metal sound if I wanted. I also want it to have good cleans.

I can look used. I'm in the U.S.
Budget: 800-900 USD

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Egnater tweaker, it can easily get a great twangy sound but the high gain is suprisingly tight and good! its not the best, but put in a tube screamer and you could get higher than you need.
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fender deluxe reverb, it won't be the greatest for metal unless you get a decent distortion pedal...i use a Rat through my twin reverb and it's the only distortion pedal i've used that can make a fender amp not sound like a fender amp. but it's a great choice for jazz and blues and country and so many other things. you could go with a twin reverb or something bigger but the deluxe is a great choice for really anything you can think of, and it's small and only 22 watts but it gets so loud it's ridiculous
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Quote by CaptainAmerican
I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well