hi im thinking about getting a wireless system solely for the purpose of soundchecking. alot of the gigs we will play will be in small places with no sound engineer so it will be up to me to get the sound right (we just mic the vocals). this would enable me to stand where the crowd would be when we soundcheck to see what the levels are like. i take it i could use a very basic system for this purpose then switch back to my cables to gig. any thoughts on this and suggested products? thanks.
Line 6 relay + with sone sucky system there could be a volume difference between it and the cable(s)
How many different wireless systems are there on the market?

The one I know about's kind of expensive.
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The new generation of digital wireless systems is probably the way to go. The older RF ones were a bit of a pain to set up, and the farther you get from the receiver, the more the noise floor is raised.

The new digital ones transmit in 1's and 0's, so there's practically no degradation of signal, within the range, and also less interference if any. It's sort of like the old wireless home phones vs the 2.4ghz ones we use today.

I use a Line 6 G30, but will be getting a G50 next week. I like that the G50 is all metal, and can be used with the G90 in case I want to add it to my rack. However, I like that the G30 uses a regular 1/4" cable instead of the mini XLR on the G50 and Shure units.
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