Hey, before Christmas I decided to move my amp upstairs, at first it didn't sound any different but then after a while it started sounding worse and if the pickup wasn't on the second last position it would have a lot of background noise.

Anyway fast forward to today, I finally bought my audio interface (up till then i was using Guitar VSTS through line in which sounded pretty awful tbh) I brought it upstairs and turned it on and used it, it sounded incredible, much better quality no hissing no nothing everything was perfect, i decided to stop using it for 2 hours and then i went back to it and the sound has a lot more background noise and the pickup problem from the amp is back except its with the interface this time.

This is really annoying and worrying because to of my prized possessions sound like shit now
, I have a Mac Book Pro, with Logic 9, Using the VSTs in Logic 9, Fender Stratocaster MIM, Focusrite saffire pro 14 and Fender Dual Reverb. Thank You