Hi all!

Ok, I am finally trying to learn by ear but its a bitch cause I neglected that skill for too long. I am trying to figure out how to play this song:


Its simple blues but the combination of lo-fi recording and my unhoned ear is making it harder then I expected. I am reasonably sure its standard tuning but with old blues guys you never know.
If anybody wants to give it a listen and suggest chords that would be rad. I can noodle out the riffs once I have a starting point, I just thought this would make it easier.
Oh, and if you can hear what the final lyric is that would be good. There are no internet lyrics for this song. I wrote them all down but the last line is unclear.
Once I get a working tab for this I'll add it to the site so the next person to get hooked on this song won't have to work for it.

Thanks y'all!