i didnt add in any syths, because i cant mix shit and synths muddy up my songs, there arent any vocals, like always, but whenever my friend finds us a singer, it will sound like slowdive/my bloody valentine, the drums are shit, the bass is so lame, and the end guitar solo i didnt even bother trying, or warming up, or even thinking about what key it changed to. i just kinda played and one shotted it so dont rip on my guitarplaying
mmmmmmmm sounds like rain.

nice warm guitar tone, VERY nicely done. cute bass pattering around. TONE of the drums is absolutely awesome., its SO cool, soo like "bad" but its realllly cool. Kinda like a rock version of what drake does in his music. Low Pass shit.

This is something I could listen to an album of with if there was a singer with not terrible lyrics, i find the music a very nice melancholic mix of things.

share da luv

Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
rain as in the B side to paperback writer?
i cant wait to get vocals, i might play the vocal melodies on my synth, and make it sound like vocals, but without words.
thanks bro, yeah the drums are...idek, i got lost towards the end, i forgot what i was doing and i have a nasty blister on my finger and its so cold in my garage, drumming was just a pain, and so was playing guitar, so i left my first solo, and one shotted all the bass, ppffff noone even listens to the bass, and the keys got lost...like idek what happened to them