Okay so recently I bought an Axe Fx II, Superior drummer 2.0(and metal foundry) and Cubase 6. Everything has arrived.

What really grinds my gear is that I cannot for the love all that is holy make the drums sound descent. I've tried converting from guitar pro but it sounds like shit truth be told. I've told myself I will probably be better off reprogram the drums in cubase. But here comes another issue. I'm used to program drums in Beatcraft (and guitar pro) since I used that program alot before on old recordings. That program was mostly click and drag, copy paste etc. worked really well for me.

Are there programs like that that I can use with Superior through Cubase 6? I haven't found them. I used Mixraft 2.0 before so the change is pretty big. All these things you can do with Cubase 6 really makes it hard to start recording. I have a whole bunch of songs done in Guitar pro 5, waiting to be recorded. But these irritating problems of mine are really eating my motivation. I heard about Hyper Editor in logic that is pretty much click and drag. But not sure that I'm willing to purchase another DAW, maybe I have to. I'm tired of watching 10 mins videos of toontrack not explaining how to program your own drums.

I know Superior drummer offers endless amount of options. You can tweak all you want, but for an unexperienced musician (dare I call myself that) it's real hard making the programming easy and smooth.

If someone out there could help me out I'll be forever thankful.
What you need to do first is sequence your drums. Cubase has a built-in MIDI sequencer, assign a MIDI track to control the drum kit VST and you'll be able to program your beats.

You can import MIDI from an external file (which I'm assuming is what you mean when you say you've converted from Guitar Pro) but each program may be slightly different, mainly in the MIDI positioning of certain hi-hats and cymbals. Even so it's a fairly easy fix when you've already got your notes and velocity values set.
So what you're saying is that there is a program installed inside Cubase 6 that I'm able to use? Would be real cool if you could explain and maybe come up with a few tips. I actually tried making SP into VST before, I think it worked. And than I draged( grammar?) the midi file on top of that. That's when the snare didnt sound great and the levels were all messed up. But after I set up the set. Where do I go from there? What are the name of the drum editor? Is it a click and drag system like beatcraft? I have only used beatcraft and guitar pro for drum editing so I have no experience dealing with these new programs.
So you have the MIDI files in Cubase? If I understand correctly, everything is working properly, it just sounds bad?

I'm not familiar with Cubase, but most DAWs work pretty much the same. You should have MIDI data (that you exported from Guitar Pro) on a MIDI track in Cubase. Then, add the Superior Drummer VST plugin on that same track. After hitting play, you should be getting drum sounds playing through Superior Drummer. You can open the Superior Drummer plugin and change the sounds and levels of each individual drum sound.

EDIT: I also just sent you a PM
It's not a program inside of Cubase, per se, but Cubase does feature a MIDI sequencer. You can bring it up in a couple of ways, the easiest is below:

1. Go to Project > Add track > MIDI
2. Use the pencil tool to draw an area on that MIDI track, then double click on it
3. The sequencer window should appear, with piano notes vertically to the left

Basically the sequencer allows you to draw in the notes you want an instrument to play - in this case, the drums. If you've already mapped out the drum beats in Guitar Pro however the easiest way to do this would be to export a MIDI file from GP of just the drum kit and import that MIDI file into your Cubase project. If the drum kit software you mentioned is installed as a VST, then all that would be needed would be to press F11 to open the VST instruments dialog, open the drum kit as your first instrument, and then map the out of your MIDI channel into the drum program.

If you have any issues past that I'm sure you'd be able to find some online tutorials about VST instruments and MIDI sequencing in Cubase.
If you already have the drums written out on guitar pro, export them as a MIDI file, import this file into Cubase and then load S2.0 on the track. No sense in writting them over again. You can then edit them inside Cubase with its MIDI sequencer, to make them sound more real. Or is this what you're already doing?
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