Hey everybody we are a popcore band from an extremely small town. Help us spread the word, and we'll love you forever! We have a very diverse sound! Check out the clip of one of our new songs we recently recorded on Fb. Our song Beware The Ice Machine went number 1 on Untapped Radio a unsigned band radio station promoting bands around the world! Like us on Fb please and thanks, it would mean so much to us. We also covered Don't Trust Me by 3OH!3 let us know what you think! Until next time \m/(O.O)\m/

Fb: http://www.facebook.com/cradlethefallmusic

Fb band profile:http://www.facebook.com/cradlethefallmusic?sk=app_2405167945
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Also I forgot to mention Michael "Jag" Jagmin from A Skylit Drive is being featured in one of our new songs! You might want to stay tuned!