This may be kind of a long read, please bear with me, all help is really appreciated.

Alright, so I've had an Ibanez RG570 for quite some time now and awhile back the back of the neck by the headstock cracked; now owning plenty of other guitars and I never really got around to fixing it, anywho, since then I had the bridge pup taken out and put into my Agile AL3000M, it was some kind of Seymour Duncan that the original owner had thrown in, not entirely sure of the exact model. Lately I've been wanting to upgrade a few of my guitars but can only purchase so many pickups at a time as money is fairly tight with other bills and etc. but I've been planning on fixing that crack and throwing all new pups into the RG, does anybody have any suggestions for pups that would be good in it for bluesy-grungy-alt-indie-type music? I'm not good on what pups sound good with what type of wood, etc. I also have an Agile AS1000 (semi-hollow copy) that I want to throw a Dirty Fingers into, but at the moment I can only afford one bridge pup really, so I was planning on maybe getting that and throwing it into the RG for now and then swapping it out when I have enough money to buy a full set of whatever pups would sound good in the RG for the kind of music I said earlier, or would that pup just sound terrible in an RG? I play through a Peavey Delta Blues amp.

Anywho, long story short, would a Dirty Fingers sound good with an Ibanez RG570, and what would be a good full set of pups for the RG for bluesy-indie-type music, any and all help is appreciated, I know I sound pretty dumb here.