Could someone name these pedals on both pedalboards:


Also, could someone explain why on the bottom pedalboard, he seems to have the lid of a boss reverb pedal attached to the tuner pedal (far right pedal) and he also seems to have done this on a few others too....

He bought it used and and just replaced the pedal? Who knows. Clearly he just switched the pedal lids on the other two.

Left to right.

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The other board is hard to see
i kinda like what he did i wonder how hard it is to replace those parts on the boss pedals
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Quote by championguitar
i kinda like what he did i wonder how hard it is to replace those parts on the boss pedals

It looks like he just swapped them around. They pop right off.
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Quote by Paddledude
actually I think its a turbo tubescreamer. darker color and mode dial

Yeah it clearly isn't a standard tubescreamer, I just didn't care to figure out which one it is. The TS could find that out themselves.

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