Rolling hills fall gently
As a sea of pine trees
Covered in green paste
Layered across the afternoon
As the sun daunts the roadway

Moving at a steady pace
Twisting an turning for miles
I channel my eyes forward
Down the long curvy road
The fact that every line begins with a capital letter and has no punctuation bothers me. While I like the first stanza I think that it runs-on a bit too much. Personally I would take out the third line because I think its absence helps to smooth out what your describing. That and "paste" detracts from the landscape you're describing. Other than that it was an enjoyable read. Very short of course but I like short poems, they have their own beauty. It's a fleeting thought that needs no more explanation, a simple observance of nature as you pass it by down the road. I feel that other people might see it differently and dislike it for its length but I don't think they really understand it. This is the type of poem I like to jot down and remind myself of things I've seen that are insignificant but pretty to think about. I owed you a crit from earlier but I've been reading the stuff you've posted lately and this is my favorite because it doesn't entangle any underlying themes or complications. It's simple