hey, ok so, new song. I like it. but i have NO IDEA what happened to the audio quality from exporting it from audacity, sounds much better on it.


well yeah if anyone know how to fix some of the random fuzz you hear
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c4c makes me have to pee........c4c though
I agree, the chord progression is amazing. I remember your "Polly" cover, which was good, but this simply blows it out away. Your voice really stands out here. As good as it is, I'd take the vocals down just a little bit to leave some space for the guitar, but I'm not someone who should be giving out mixing advice That last thing at the end was really nice as well, a perfect end this song. I love it. Honestly, this is really good I'd appreciate some crit https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1512441
Great chord progression. Vocals are solid. The melody fits very well and is sung very well. And i loved towards the middle when your voice was higher...it sounded great and kept everything fresh. Good sound and recording quality on the instruments and vocals. The spoken word stuff towards the very end was ok...im not a big fan when they do that in songs...but at least it wasnt in the middle and it was at the end. great stuff man keep it up.
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You need to mix it a lot louder for one thing, I had to turn up my speakers a lot to make it audible and I was playing audible music beforehand. It is a great chord progression indeed, you voice is very calm, I like it. Ohhh nice when you bring it up, man you have a great voice, it kind of waivers when you hold a note so I'd work on that. But that's it. Great job C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1512464
Oh thank you soo much all i hated this recording haha it was giving me soo many probs. I ll try to get to most of your today, but im playing at a coffee house tonight so expect some cover vids tom. THanks again!
Its a really nice track. I like the tone of your acoustic, but its not really loud! One way you can work that out is copy the track over again into audacity (they used to do this physically earlier but we can cut/copy/paste). That would also give you a little more freedom to pan your guitars if you wanted.

You have a beautiful voice. It really fits into this track. The melody work is good and keeps you interested throughout. It's a sweet chord progression you have going on. The only drawback is the mix with this track. Good work man!

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