So I'm looking for a good site to download backing track mp3s to use during home practice. My main genre is punk rock but I also love classic/80s rock and blues/jammy type rock (like Kenny Wayne Shepard for example), as well as some acoustic stuff. I'd like a backing track source so that I can work on stuff at home. Mainly I'm looking for JUST drum tracks. I already use a site (I'm not at my computer to check bookmark, but I THINK it's something like "GuitarBackingTracks dot com" or something close) for when I want blues jam backing tracks in different keys, or when I want backing tracks of real songs minus lead guitar. It's all drum and bass and some also have rhythm guitar and even vocals. That's perfect for when I want to learn an existing song's guitar part, or practice my scales or work on improv, but for the sake of full creation I'm looking for JUST drums, but in different styles.

With bass in the tracks it kind of already dictates the song progression and all that. With just drums I have free reign. I don't have a drum machine or looper to just queue up a sample and jam over it. A lot of people keep telling me Fruity Loops, but I tried it and it's not what I want at all. It all sounds like dance/house/electronica when you make stuff in Fruity Loops, doesn't sound real. I live in an apartment so keeping a kit here to lay out some beats is out of the question.

I'm actually MAINLY looking for punk rock style drum only backing tracks. I want to start laying guitar/bass parts down on my own for my own solo stuff. I have our real drummer and band practice for creating material for the band, but nothing for myself at home. Sometimes when writing guitar parts at home I find that my timing is slightly off when I apply it to a full band, so drum backing tracks would also help with that (a metronome is VERY boring and a little distracting to use to be honest).

So yeah, after that long post of rambling on lol, can anyone point me to a site that has just drum tracks in the punk or faster rock (like Mötley Crüe style rock, not like metal style drums, something that is similar to punk rock)? The few I've found all charge or don't have many options or it's a simple bar/measure just on loop. Or theyre guitar/bass with no drums so an actual drummer can play along to them. I'm looking for full on drum track, with varying song parts (verse/chorus/fills etc), something I COULD create a full song around if I chose.

TL;DR: Looking for a site for free drum ONLY backing tracks (no bass/guitars/vocals) in the punk/faster rock (but not double bass/metal speeds) style that have multiple parts like verses and fills and such, not just a few measures of the same thing looped for 5minutes.