My friend introduced me to this song... Sounds simple enough, but the way I play it sounds nothing like it and I'm quite dissappointed. Its the FINGER PICKING that I cant figure out! Pleeeease help! lol. BTW, hi there! New to the forums, but not the website. I'm Michelle, 22 from Alabama... and I like to poke old ppl!

Hi Michelle from Bama. Welcome to the Acoustic forum.

I'm an old ppl, not too many people poke me, but every once in a while they do poke fun at me.

I took a quick look at the song, I may be able to give you a good guess on the picking pattern but I need to know how you are playing it, since it can be played a quite few different ways, such as with a capo on the 2nd fret, capo on the 4th, or D chord form (F#) on the 4th through 7th frets.
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