i'm off to college next fall and am starting to look for some things i'll want to have. one of which is an iPod/iphone dock that has a built in clock/alarm. obviously iHome is a go to but the one's I've had have broken quick and always have felt pretty cheap.

can anyone recommend a durable but also good speaker quality (i have all bose stuff at home so thats what i'm using as a benchmark for sound quality) dock for me to bring to college?
Here's the one I've got..sounds great..never any problems with it.. use it for for both.

ipod/iphone dock alarmclock
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depends on how much you wanna spend. if you don't mind forking the money, i'd go with this
(Bose SoundDock)

i have a sound dock, and a wave radio, and a wave music system, and a 321 Gs, and several lifestyle systems here at home. (both my parents used to work for bose for 10+ years so we've got it all). bose is buy far some of the best stuff out there, no arguing about that.

i'm just concerned that most of the docks i've seen that have a clock built in just seem... "cheap" (in way of build quality and sound quality)

i'd rather not have to bring something that valuable with me just in case it were to get stolen. plus, i'd like to have the clock/alarm/speakers all in one
ok well in that case, i recommend the iHome iA91 (https://www.ihomeaudio.com/iA91BZ/).
My girlfriend had one, and I was very pleasantly surprised by it for its price of 99$
It has a reliable clock/alarm system, and the audio player is very good quality with a bass/treble booster and easy-to-use controls. Good stuff! I highly recommend it