So, testing out the new gear from my NGD thread I recorded this song; it's a little riff i've been playing with for a while that finally slapped words to. Ignoring the middle section (because i'm not largely happy with the 'solo' section, or the tone i get from the Satchurator through my 1448) what do y'all think?


It's still more a proof-of-concept than any polished Demo, but in my humblest of opinions, it's not half bad for a silvertone 1448L through the amp in it's case, mic'd with a shitty vocal mic and run into a Digitech Dp03 recorder.
The distortion in the middle was on purpose, and supposed to sound muddy/garbled but it went a little far, and most of thediscernable notes were squeaky, i blame this on the little 5" speaker and the over all depth of the amp. There's no other distortion at work for the rest of the song, that's just the amp over driving :/ I could take it a little easier or dial back the volume on the guitar to get something cleaner in the next version, but we'll see.

I'll gladly give you a C4C, lemme go take a peek.