so ive just started playing the eletric guitar like its been about 2 months and before the eletric ive been playing classical so ive been sitting down and playing. reccently ive tried standing up but my fingers dont move as fast as they do when sitting down. like when i play all the small things which is a pretty easy song and play it sitting down i could switch between the chords pretty fast but when i stand up i play much slower and cannot switch as fast also my shoulders and fingers and arms tense up. and my guitar isnt that low its on my hip area. so is there anything i could do to not tense up and play faster.
Practice, practice, practice. Most of the time I learn things sitting, just so I learn how it goes, and then play it until I am proficient standing up. After that, playing it seated should be no problem, nor should standing up.
If your guitar is at your hip then it is way lower than it is when you play sitting down. This changes the angle of your wrist and how far your fingers have to reach, it changes everything. If you try to grab your guitar with your hands the same way that you do when you're sitting you'll have to pull your shoulder down and flex your wrist way too far, that's where the tension in your arm is coming from.
Either shorten the strap or get a new left hand position, if you go for the latter keep your back straight and your shoulder relaxed, you'll have to grab the the neck with your thumb hooked over the top. It'll change the way you play, you won't be able to use all four fingers as well, if at all, but simple pentatonic scales and blues licks should be fine.
It's simple to solve the problem - stop playing when you're sitting, always play when you're standing
My problem with playing while standing has to do with my watching the fretboard . When I'm sitting, the guitar is tipped toward me and I could see what I'm doing. But when I stand, the guitar hangs straighter and I can't see what my fret hand is doing.

I'm hoping as I get better and don't ned to watch what my left hand is doing, I'll be able to play standing better.

As was stated earlier . It all comes down to More Practice !!!

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Learn the songs sitting down then practice while you stand

The only way to get this right as said before is to practice more often (not just try to perform) while standing up.
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