Guitarists/drummers/drum programmers/bassists whoever!
I do vocals and I want to start a slam band for fun.
Devourment, Suffocation, Ingested, Malodorous, Dehumanized, Internal Bleeding, Disgorge, Disconformity.....and on and on.

Heavy as hell and full of slams!

Do it!
This may be of interest to me.
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
I record and produce my own music I play Guitar and Drums and I'm into Human Rejection, Devourment, Suffocation, Ingested*, etc. I'm 18 and live in CO. I'm better at drums btw.
hey dude, if your interested in another guitarist, id be interested in this. you can hear one of the songs me and my friend made as a joke just for fun the other day at this. http://soundcloud.com/alienmaster94/kush-jameson, needless to say we were ****ed up xD. i have all the appropriate gear for recording and what not. so just hit me up if your interested! peace
I don't have experience playing slam death but I'm sure I could keep up and add some shit to songs already written. Guitarist btw