hey all,

ive got a Epi SG-400 1966 limited edition had it for about 5 years and am thinking on upgrading the pickups, as i think the current ones don't sound that great. Ive got a randall 75DG2 amp.
is it worth uprgading them? or is it just the guitar general?

if yes any ideas on what pickups i should upgrade to. i mostly play hard rock/metal and a bit of classic rock.

It's hard to answer that question because it depends on what you want out of them.

For the Neck position the DiMarzio Air Norton is just so freaking perfect. Crisp warm highs without being too muddy. They're especially good with mahogany bodies.

For the Bridge the DiMarzio Super Distorsion had excellent crunch and sharp highs. I like it alot. But my favorite bridge pickup is the Seymour Duncan Invader. It covers all the bases without being too overwhelming.

But again those are my opinions. Try to analyze your own sound, or rather how you'd like to sound and look on DiMarzio or Duncan's sites. They list the relative EQs of the piclups as well as the mV (milli volt) output. Are they're any guitarists that have a sound you like? Look up what they use. I just bought a DiMazio Area 67 and Injector Neck for my strat. I havent tried them yet, but it's what Paul Gilbert currently uses, so I've no doubt they'll sound good.

thanks for the advice, ill check those sites out! should be able to find something there

yeah there is a quite a few guitarists that have a sound that i like. but they are all quite different eg. Tom Morello to Angus young to Rory gallagher to rob flynn lol
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