This is for any of you who own a Brian May Guitars Red Special and its quite simple really, is it any good, do you like the sound of it, do you like the tremelo design, is it well made and is it worth shelling out the money for one? Cheers.
I've had one now for 4 years in white and I think it's a brilliant guitar. The spec sheet reads fantastically well; locking tuners and ebony fretboard with wilkinson bridge for the price is great value.

I like the trem, but then I own the standard model with the normal wilkinson. It works very well with the locking tuners and stays in tune for a long time, though it didn't until I started putting vaseline on the zero fret, but thats a pretty minor deal.

The pickups are good and very useable for sounds outside of queen. I don't play queen songs, but it's a versatile enough guitar that it works. It was used for the rhythm of the track in my signature. In fact I used it for the rhythm work on all the songs off the same album. It has some great lead tones too, but what I wouldn't expect is to plug it into your rig and have brian mays tone. It's a great sounding guitar, but as with any it's sound varies based on rig. Something treblier usually works better to my ears. I suppose thats why he used the treble booster though I've never felt the need to go that far myself.

The finishing work on mine was done really really well, and the quality was very good on the frets and installation of everything and in 4 years nothing has ever gone wrong on it, though I will say that it had a factory set up which as far as I could tell means they put some strings on it and sent it out in a box. With a set up though they play beautifully. The guitar tech I had mine set up with said it was the nicest neck he'd ever played and I agree with him.

I think generally this is one of the best guitars out there and I honestly don't understand why they aren't more popular than they are for all types of music. They are an infinitely versatile instrument with a brilliant sound, but are instantly written off as something for people playing queen songs. I would advise getting one in something other than red personally, but go for it. They are amazing guitars when you have them set up.
Thanks so much for that, Ive been dreaming of one for a while. In June I am going to buy one when I get my tax return done. I rather like the red though. What strings do you use on your one?