hey there everybody !

as ive recently become aware on how important it is to correctly order your type of effects in a fx chain...

just after 2nd opinion if im doing this "correctly"

at the moment i go into a boss gt pro>bbe sonic maximiser>dbx compression>dbx eq>amplifier...

how would everyone else hook this set-up as ?
Personally I would put them Comp, eq, maximiser, GT-Pro then amp. But thats just so my notes are compressed, and shaped before they are boosted when you turn on the maximiser, into the gt as the GT's delays and reverb and amp models and such would be level and undistorted by the maximiser and comp. But thats just the way i'd do it. Personal preference prevails, there are no real rules on chain order, but there is a general plan, as chaotic as they may be.
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Does your amp have an FX loops?

Compressor should be the first thing your signal hits. Sonic maximizer and EQ should be in the loop. If you don't have one, at least put them at the end of the chain.
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