So, I just joined this power metal band right?
Well, my gear isn't quite up to par with my lead guitarist's ALEXI-600 with an EMG 81 in the thing....
Or the action needed to tear through those 16th notes at 180 BPM like his can...

Well, I've been looking online for the cheapest combination for the best sounding/most playable guitar for under 350.

I've come up with this.

I stumbled upon this site called www.rondomusic.com (as you probably all know by now) And I scrolled through the site, saw some of the prices on these guitars and my jaw just absolutely dropped. Now, I've been reading a Sh@t load of reviews on the little cheapo 100 dollar Spad guitar they had on there for some time. And most of them came back as extremely positive, I found some guys playing some songs that were relatively similar to my band (Pagan's Mind type stuff) And I just figured they were so so guitars, easily customizable and sound pretty decent.

WELL, Going through the site a little bit more I found this thing: http://www.rondomusic.com/hadron625wh.html
And at this point my jaw was almost entirely detached from my facial region...
(only reason it was was because of the lack of the 24th fret =[ )

And I was basically went @_@ NECK THRU, MAHOGANY, FLOYD ROSE, AND SHARKTOOTH INLAYS FOR 200 BUCKS?!? *instant bookmark* lol.

WELL, I start thinking about things... and I don't really care about the floyd rose much... I just feel like I would have been happier with a string through but.. whatever... So, I start going through things I'd need to do to potentially upgrade this thing. And, I think the only thing I'd wanna do is swap out the pickups for a set of DRAGONFIRE X2n rip offs. And just upgrade to the real deal later on in life.

But, I could buy that set of pickups; neck and bridge for 35 bucks... but what the hell would I put in the middle?! Power rail?

So: Do you guys have any experience with this guitar?
Any experience with these pickups (though they seem promising)
And, what would you do for the middle pickup...
AND, if there's no other solution, how hard is it to fill in a pickup slot and install a 3 way toggle lol.

I actually bought the WRL590 a couple of months ago, which is pretty much the same specs as the Hadron, but it is a wonderfully built guitar! The Floyd Rose is a liscensed one so it won't be that great, but if you block it or set it up professionaly then it should be great

Ive gigged with it twice without backup, action was very low with no fret buzz, and the stock bridge pickup has more output than my friends' Ibanez and Epiphone Les Paul. Maybe I just got a really good guitar, but Douglas and Agile guitars are very good for the price
I was also looking at the WRL590 as well, I think I just preferred the Hadron to it because of it's color or something like that. And the name "Hadron" just fits what I'm doing! and the tuners look amazing on it!

Thanks for your review though! At these prices I could probably buy 2 and be happy with it!
It just sucks they don't have 24 frets... >.<

www.reverbnation.com/theancientsmetal << This is what I need to play with it.
I have a WRL590 aswell, it one of the nicest feeling guitars I've played. Got a set of blackouts in it now, sustains forever, low action and feels great.
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