does anyone knows a software to convert guitar to MIDI notes in realtime?

I'm in deal with this topic since one year, so currently my results are:

WIDI soft - I tried evaluation copy - absolutely crazy and noy possible to use.
Hardware Sonuus G2M - works well, but I can't accept the delay, I can't use it for live-sets. And it is monophonic.
Others hardware are expensive and needs some special sensors on guitar.

Now I'm using Pitch a Bitch VST from bitscrew.com - it's great, working also with voice and bass-guitar but it is monophonic.

I don't believe, that polyphonic is impossible.
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By the way,
not concidering realtime, I can't find a soft which converts in a good accuracy polyphonic audio.
I don't want to give up an idea to record ployphonic midi track playing guitar, I hate drawing with mouse. Fortunately monophonic records are doing well.
Is that even possible? You're trying to make an audio file a set of commands. I'm certainly no expert and migh be wrong, but I never heard that one is able to do so.
But monophonic realtime conversion is already possible, so why not? =)
I'm pretty sure polyphonic realtime conversion isn't going to work. I mean, even Melodyne (which is the only thing off the top of my head that does polyphonic pitch correction) can't do it in realtime
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The only way I can think of is to use a MIDI pickup on the guitar, where each string will be picked up as a separate MIDI note (as opposed to trying to get a polyphonic MIDI signal from a guitar, which is difficult mainly due to the harmonic content of a guitar signal and the additional resonances etc.). The main problem with anything like this is that you'll have to be careful to set the minimum triggering velocity and the attack/release envelope for whatever synth you're running into so you don't kill off sustain of the notes but also aren't triggering notes through string/fret noise and unwanted resonances etc.

Also, you will not be able to do this in software alone - even Melodyne DNA struggles with polyphonic signals at times, and that is years ahead of almost all frequency-analysing software I've ever heard of.
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I don't want to equip my guitar with any aditional sensors, but seems, that currently It's the only way....
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I don't want to equip my guitar with any aditional sensors, but seems, that currently It's the only way....

If it's not money stopping you, just that you don't want to alter your guitar, you can do it faorly unobtrusively - can get a new bridge with a piezo pickup fitted, or a smaller 'stick-on' one fitted just before the bridge and still keep your normal pickups etc. All you'd need is an additional output jack for the MIDI output, and then you'd be set, plus it wouldn't affect the guitar when you want to play normally without the MIDI output.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
The Roland Midi pick ups systems just kinda latch on your guitar, you don't have to permanently fit them I don't think.
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