Its a dyad. I would call it


could also be viewed as


depending on the context
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Its just a harmony with a root, 6th and octave
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It's either an Em/G (Em 1st inversion), or you could call it a G6.

Honestly, I've always found that context is necessary to properly name a chord like this.
What is the Bass doing? Keyboards? Other Guitars?
Whether they're playing a G or Em (or something else entirely) makes a huge difference on how to label this chord...

If the other harmony is playing a G, we have a G6.
If the other harmony is playing an Em, we have an Em (1st inversion).
If the other harmony is playing a C, we have a C (2nd inversion, obviously with no Root).
If the other harmony is playing an Am, we have an Am7.
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BTW, that's chord from Sweet Home Alabama main riff

I don't know which tab you're looking at but that chord is in no version of Sweet Home Alabama I've ever seen or hear...
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