So atm I am very content with my amp, and because the frets on my current guitar are dying I came to 2 solutions- I can just have it refretted and possibly swap neck pickup (already got new in bridge) for something better or get a new guitar. Although my current one was rather cheap , it's made really well and the neck is comfortable for me, but I don't like the idea of putting that much money in a lower-end guitar. On the other hand I'd need to spend almost all my savings+ ask my dad for a financial help to get something decent, which still propably would come with some crappy stock pups that i'd like to upgrade. Lastly, 2>1 buying something new would allow me to keep them in diffrent tunings, and a new one would look sooo much better that just plain black strat.

PS I have a modelling amp (vypyr 30) so maybe stock pups wouldn't really make that much diffrence?
I'd buy a new/used guitar.
Pickups wont matter that much, SS amps make up the majority of the tone.
Try looking used, get a much better deal.