Some friends and I have gotten together and formed a little band, and I was curious what you guys thought about it. It has been referred to as a style cocktail... and I must agree. Its definitely experimental. Everything was recorded and "mastered" in my living room (my first recording project).

If you aren't digging it early on, atleast check out the solo and let me know what you think.

C4C Most Definitely.

The first part where the guy is yelling... it sounds like ass. The singer is good but i think you need to get him to stand out more. The screaming is half decent. The guitar work is awesome, reminds me of Human Abstract on their first album.

The entire thing could do with better recording quality but it wasn't bad. The only thing I didn't like was that guys yelling. It honestly sounds terrible. Everything else was great.
wasn't really feeling the intro singing. not to be mean, but it sounded like the beastie boys drunk and screaming. didn't really fit the music. after that everything is much better. I would either have the girl singing the intro or have the guys try something else for the vocal track.
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I appreciate the criticism, guys.

We tend to find that everyone thinks that beginning is... strange. I guess we were going for a 'La Dispute' feel but the vocalist I think tried way to hard and it seems very stressed and pushed out. We took a long time working on the guitar work to make sure everything flowed well and was in perfect key/scale when it needed to be. And just so you are aware, we don't have a girl singer. That guy at the beginning and the highs are all the same. The only over vocalists do low and high screaming. Interesting, huh. :P

Thanks Very Much, Guys.