wassup my dudes. So after much tweaking I have a new version of this track that i posted here a few days ago. I've been really struggling with the mix, but I've kind of accepted the fact that I'm just not gonna get great mixes with my current setup.
So anyway, here it is; its an intro track for an EP btw
tell me what you hate about it, C4C
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very nice guitar work. everything sounds so animated and busy. especially the bass. Im not sure if this would work as an intro track to be honest. it sounded to me like it would turn into a song of its own. then again, I'd have to hear what its going to transition into the next song. good job though.
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nice thin synth sound i like, then TWANGLE goes the bell piano. QUITE nice, VERY nice mix of instrumentation. i kinda like how clouded everything is, but some might say that EQ n thigns are wrong , because not everything is clearly defined. I WOULDNT LISTEN TO THEM! hmm
for me though, for an intro to an album it kinda repeats a bit too much, but the ending chords are a very nice departure. GOOD work : )

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I like the sounds at the beginning. I think the main problem here is the mix is all over the place, you need to mix it all into one sound instead of a bunch of different sounds happening at once. It's way too hectic with this mix, the bass cuts through too much, you can't hear the guitar that much but you know it's there, and whatever else is drowned out. I would of built into that section with the intro thing repeating and then adding the instruments up until it builds into the faster part that way when they all come in you're not going "Woah what's happening", I would also make the bass a lot quieter, the guitar louder, the bass drum and cymbals louder, and that's about it. But you seem to know what you're doing playing and writing wise so good job C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1512464
Mix seems much different than what others posted, pretty much everything they mentioned seems to be fixed. Bass is at a good level, so is the guitar, I still the kick could be more in the mix, and there are some frequency clashes here and there, mainly with the synths, but overall its a solid mix.

I agree though, that this comes off as more of an actual song rather than an intro.

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I agree with a lot of what's been said. I'd like the fade in/out on the guitar not to be so dramatic. Although the mix is a little messy and sporadic, I'm not too fussed. I dig the variety you've got going on. The synth is totally 80s - I could listen to you solo with that effect all day. Combined with, I think a xylophone you've got there? Makes it a real interesting piece. Like others have said, this may as well be turned into an actual song. Perhaps give it a try, add in some lyrics, lengthen the track and see what you come up with. Favorite section goes to around the 50 second mark. Pleasure to listen to - keep it up bud!

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