Im interested in my family's history. (my last name is Van Brederode) I have always wanted to take a trip to the old Netherlands and see the castle. I was just wondering if any of you might have seen it. is it a cool sight or nothing special?
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i have passed it with my motorcycle last summer but i didn't see the ruins. there are some damn nice roads in that area tho.

however, if you are interested in this kind of history, i live in europe and have seen tons of ancient sites like that from times america wasn't even discovered yet, i can tell you it's better to visit an area with lots of old structures (or whatever you are interested in) and then make a day trip to your family's old home than to go there and than travel every time you want to see something else.

they are ruins and in about an hour, you have seen everything twice. it is interesting, but not for very long
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Never even heard of it to be honest. But my hometown was founded 1300 years before that castle was built. So I kinda appreciate the history here.

And to be fair, I don't think the sight can entertain you for hours. Don't go to the Netherlands for just that haha.
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