Hello, in a few months i will move from mexico to usa and i cant take my gear with me, so will sell it and buy new things in usa.
But i dont know very well what to buy...

Budget? - I will have around 1000 USD to spend on a guitar and an amp

Genres? - Metal, blues and all thing between, anyway Thrash metal is the heaviest i play.

New or Used? - I would not mind buying used

Home or Gig? - I will play mostly at home but id like to be able to use the same gear when i get a band.

Closest City? - Dallas, Texas

Current Gear? - The only things i will take with me are a digitech rp300 and a DIY octaver pedal.

Now for the guitar...

Favorite Artists? - I like 80s and 70s guitar tones very much, and i dont like Pantera like distortion/tones very much.
These days i have been listening to Jeff Beck, Vai, Jason Becker and similars and i like these very much.

- For the shape i dont care very much, but i like V shaped and les paul guitars. I would like to it have 24 frets. Im very sure i dont want a floating tremolo, but other kid of tremolo would be nice.

Pickups? - I prefer hambuckers, maybe with the posibility to coil tap
I dont really know if active pickups works for other things than metal, so passives...

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Can't go wrong with Ibanez, the good ones have 24 frets I believe. The Digitech pedal you have is not bad. If you want a V guitar then Jacksons should be good. In your price range I would suggest Peavy amps.

Best idea would be to wait until you move and see if you can find used, www.craigslist.com can help you find used stuff.
id spend about $600 on an amp and $400 on a guitar but $500:$500 would probably work too.
from what i can think of off the top of my head, a Fender Blacktop HH Stratocaster would be awesome for what you want. humbuckers, standard tremolo, i quite sure that it has 24 frets and even though its a fender it gets from jazz to pretty ****ing brutal. but, obviously, its not shaped like a les paul or flying v. you wont find a les paul or flying v for that sorta price that has a tremolo.
as for an amp, a Jet City JCA22H with a jet city 1x12 cab would be awesome and so would and orange tiny terror.
Well since you'll be in Texas, take a trip to the local Guitar Stores (there are lots in the Dallas area) and start trying diff guitars and amps, till you find what you like.
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Why can't you bring your gear?
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Just wait until you get to the US and check out Craigslist for a good buy. It's silly to try and decide right now. That RP300 is a dog. You can find a good deal on a newer multifx once you get here.
I have the RP70 and I can get half descent sounds out of it, as long as you have a good amp and good playing technique it won't sound too terrible.

As for distribution, I would suggest spending more on the amp than the guitar.
Good guitar + bad amp = mediocre sound
Bad guitar + good amp = not bad sound
Someone above mentioned the blacktop strat. The new ones have a tele single cool between the humbuckers. But just wait and look up Dallas CL or its equivalent.
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Thanks all
I know its kinda dumb to search for a guitar and amps this early but i can get an idea of how much money i will really need. Craigslist is cool, i will save much money buying from there.

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Why can't you bring your gear?

I cant take my gear with me because it would be overweight in the flight, they said they would charge me.
Anyway is my best chance to get a better rig!
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Anyway is my best chance to get a better rig!

That is a GREAT reason!

Good luck.
“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
Charles Darwin