Armed with flaming tampons--yes, flaming tampons--two young Pennsylvanians attempted to blow up a vehicle after severely vandalizing it, according to police.

The bizarre January 7 incident outside a bar in Metal Township resulted in the arrest of Patricia Deshong, 25, and Quentin Deshong, 22, on a variety of charges, including attempted arson, public drunkenness, and criminal mischief.

According to State Police troopers, the Deshongs seriously damaged a 2006 Ford Fusion, which had its windshield and windows either cracked or broken, was covered with dents, and had blood on the front passenger seat. The car’s hood was also open and various hoses had been disconnected.

As for the flaming tampons, a probable cause affidavit notes that investigators “discovered that the gas cap was removed and tampons were used to possibly ignite the gas tank." Additionally, “Tampon was used in the engine compartment where the oil fill cap is located.” Since “ashes were at the gas cap area and the oil fill cap area,” troopers concluded that the tampons had been set ablaze at each spot.

The affidavit does not indicate why the Deshongs allegedly vandalized the vehicle, which is owned by Falon Clark, a 25-year-old woman whose Facebook page still includes Patricia Deshong among her friends. Hours after her car was trashed, a message on Clark’s Facebook page noted that she was “lookin for some revenge…”

A friend of Clark’s, Gary Boggs, told troopers that Patricia Deshong had thrown a beer bottle through the rear window of his Ford F-150 truck. The affidavit does not specify when this alleged attack occurred, nor does it describe the relationship between the Deshongs.

After arresting the Deshongs--both of whom were under the influence of alcohol--troopers discovered that Patricia was in possession of a license plate from the trashed Ford, as well as the vehicle’s registration card. As a result, she was charged with theft.

When the Deshongs arrived at the police station, troopers reported, Patricia “made threats stating that she was going to ****ing kill” a trooper following her release. As a result, she was charged with making terroristic threats.

The Deshongs spent a few days behind bars before they each posted $25,000 bond to secure their release last Tuesday. Neither Deshong responded to Facebook messages seeking comment about the alleged tampon torching attempt.

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