Picked up an electric guitar today from a charity shop, its pretty beaten up and i can just about make out the make/model which i think is a Hondo 76. seems like a strat copy.

It has a very very "road worn" look and seems to have had a lot of sanding down in places, which i presume the previous owner has done.

Does anyone know much about this guitar?? i'm thinking of maybe fixing it up for a bit of a project, even though i am a novice with the tech stuff, anyone recommend decent pick ups for it if they suck?

Just about to restring as it is missing some, so dont even know if it works yet, hopefully i can get a noise out of it!
Try it before restringing or else those new string will be useless once you have to take em off again =) That's all i can tell you, sorry !
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as is ug tradition... pics or it didn't happen.
also, please make sure the pictures are blurry and crappy as per the rules

Enjoy your new guitar!
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