Hello everyone.

We're a metal band from Albania, with influences from good old thrash metal bands. I myself am the lead guitarist. So far we have only recorded one song as a demo (mostly due to high recording costs) but have written and played live a few of our songs, and currently writing new stuff.

Here's our myspace, reverbnation and facebook pages, where you can hear our song (the lyrics are in Albanian, except the chorus) and future updates.




Any feedback would be appreciated, thank you.
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Moshing and headbanging is our ultimate goal mate.

Thank you very much, I'm checking your band right now.
We are a Metal Band from Orange County N.Y. and are needing a Lead Vocalist to complete this metal Monster that we have created. Check us out on reverbnation at http://www.reverbnation.com/rockinpeacerip
Anyone wanting to audition , Please call Brandon at 845-361-2293 Thanks and ROCK ON!!!