I just started playing the guitar and have a beginners question:

What is the best technique for changing between an E Major chord and an A minor chord (Back and forth)?

In this chord change, the fingers stay in the same position relative to each other while changing to the other strings. So basically they move as "one package" to the other strings.

I see 2 ways of doing this movement:
1) Either the fingers themselves don't move at all while the movement comes out of the wrist.
2) Or the hand stays completely motionless, while the movement comes out of the 3 fingers.

Since I somewhere picked up the advice, to generally keep the hand as still as possible, I figured option 2) would be the better way to do it.

And I guess it's best to try and move the 3 fingers simultaneously so they land on
the appropriate string at the same time? - as opposed to moving them one after another.

Looking forward to any advice,
Looking at how I do it, 1. move all three fingers at once, 2. they don't move more than 2 mm off the strings 3. all the finger joints flex a little - same amount at each 4. the have moves very little.
I don't have fredboard under my hand right now, but I think option 2 is enough.
Just move Your fingers (pattern is the same). While you take fingers off the string, the low E string ringing will make the chord change sound legato (fluent). While strumming A chord, mute top E with right hand, and u got it.
Thanks for your accurate description. It helped me!

thanks for your helpful explanation!

Thanks for the great video!