So, I've been trying to work a lot on my bass tone and have been doing some research. And I've read about using (Waves) C4, MaxxBass & L1 in my fx chain. How much limiting should I be doing and where do I need it in the chain? Right now I'm using TSE BOD > Ampeg Amp Sim > EQ > C4 > MaxxBass > L1. I'm not sure if this is how I should have it setup. Maybe the limiter should go first?
As far as i remember, limiter should go last. Your effects may add gain and limiter at the end will help you keep maximum amount of signal under 0 db.

As for your effect chain, it depends on the style you're playing. try any of the combinations and see what works better. I usually go with EQ->Compression->Modulation (reverbs/delays)->Limiter.