Hi everyone!

I'm looking into getting my first bass and I need some help picking one out.
If your wondering what my skill level is, I've been playing guitar for about 4 years so I imagine picking up and playing a bass won't be too difficult. My price range is around $300 and I play mostly classic rock. (pink floyd, rush, led zeppelin, rolling stones, the who, jimi hendrix, ext.) Right I'm looking into the "squier vintage modified jazz bass" as well as the "vintage modified precision bass" any suggestions?
Any other suggestions? I just want to know what other options I have in this price range.
I'd recommend the VM Jazz. You won't get a better built bass in the price range, and I'd consider them to be a bit more versatile than P-basses. They can sit back in a mix (ie Hendrix, Rolling Stones) just as well as P-bass but they can also come to the front and do the flashy stuff (ie Rush, the Who) more effectively than a P-bass (imo).
thought not a fan of the VM basses it is hard not to recommend them. i would however recommend the yamaha rbx170
I seccond the VM series, liking the jazz a lot more, though that's more like a personal decision.
Yamaha's are nice if you are after a lightweight, though i think they're not as nice sounding as VMs. Also, you may like darker sounding basses, and you should then take a look at washburn taurus series. I liked them, but they were too dark sounding for me. People here also might recomend peaveys, though in my (little) experience with them, i found nothing special about 'em. Also there's ibanes gsr series, though i completely disliked them. try different type of basses, ike with humbuckers, active, passive, and you're choice might end with a VM jazz (like mine did) but it will be a more concious choice, and you'll learn a bit from the different sounds out there, so live the experience of searching a new bass. you have a nice budget to get yourself a good starting/intermediate bass.
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ok thanks so much for everyones suggestions, I think I'll be picking up the vintage modified jazz bass!
ive got a squier jaguar bass and i absolutely love it. plays really good and clean. better for slapping than a precision bass. pretty cheap to at guitar center.
Peavey makes great basses and are fairly inexpensive. I reccomend the Grind series and Zodiac series. They are definately the best "bang for your buck" company. Pretty underrated IMO.