Hey so basically i live in Aus, and i bought a Whammy from the US. What i really need to know is, can i just use the US power adapter with a converter for here? Ive heard that the US has different voltages, and i really dont wanna fry the pedal. If i cant, can i just use any 9 volt power adapter for pedals, or do i need a specific one? Thanks!
At the very least, with the US adapter, you'll need a step-down transformer, to go from 240v down to 110v. You could also use a 9volt supply from Australia, but you need to make sure that you match it to the pedal. Some Digitechs, including the Whammy, run on 9volts AC, so don't try using a DC adapter with it. You also need one that will supply enough current. The original Digitech is 1.3 amps, so to be safe, find something around 1.3-1.5 amps, or higher. Since it's AC, polarity isn't an issue, just make sure the tip is the right size.
I know with the latest Whammy DT that it comes with a separate piece to add to your adapter, so that you can use it in Europe. I'm not sure how that affects Australia.