I have a late 90s Fender Blues Deville 212 setting here and I just received a Blackstar HT-5H. I haven't built the cab yet to match up to the HT-5 and I was thinking about using the Fender speakers with it for a test run. These are the Gold Label Special Design Eminence speakers which I think are basically 32 Watt versions of the Legend 125. However they have no information on them about the impedance. All I can find in the manual or on the cab is that an external speaker cab can be attached and must run 8 or 4 ohms. I'm still not sure how many ohms the internal speakers are rated at. I have the option for 8 or 16 on the Blackstar but I'm thinking the Fender speakers may be wired up to run at 4 Ohms. Anyone know for sure what impedance I'd have to run at if I wanted to hook the HT-5 to the Fender speakers?
Can't you measure the speakers with an ohmmeter?

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I don't have an ohm meter. I think I may have a digital multimeter with an ohm setting if I can find it. I wish they labeled these things better. This is the only amp I've ever had with no ohm or wattage readings on the speakers.
yeah if you can measure it, that'd be teh thing.

just bear in mind the reading won't be the exact impedance, because the multimeter doesn't take into account the reactance part of the impedance (i think... this is getting beyond my pay grade ). there's info on the eminence site about what readings you'll get with a multimeter, and what that translates to regarding the actual impedance of the speakers.
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Yeah I've heard that a good rough estimate is to multiply the reading by 1.3 to get a pretty close estimate. I think I checked the one on my Super Champ XD and it read 7.2 for an 8 Ohm speaker.

I did hook it to the Super Champ speaker. It doesn't sound too good on the 10" Chinese speaker in that. I think it'll sound much better when it's hooked up to the GWS Veteran 30, which also arrived today. At least I know it's working.
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