This guitar has been in the wood shop at my school for some time and no one knows who's it is or where it came from, and i can't find any info on Google. I'm hoping to gather some information about it in hopes of restoring it. is Pyramid a model or a company? etc. also a price range would be nice too, to see if it's even worth it to restore. Thanks!
definitely looks like a fender copy. feels like a jazzmaster/strat body with a Jaguar control layout theme and strat single coils. Take it home man!
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If you're concerned about value, don't restore it. Any value it has will be at it's most if it's merely cleaned up. It looks ****ing awesome, I'd love to have it. Probably some type of teisco or similar guitar, they re-branded them to all sorts of different things for guitar stores and what not. The offset guitar forum would surely be interested.
Looks like an old Teisco, early 70's or late 60's.
Not really worth much but they're brilliant to use as projects.