Pretty sure there are no words
To explain the way
Watching us implode feels.
I’ll try anyway.
Imagine the sun,
Except seventeen times hotter and larger,
Falling out of space,
Throwing the planets together in a jumble
Searching for their guiding light.
Neptune collides with Venus.
Venus kicks Mercury in the head,
Who then runs into Earth.
Imagine being at the sight of impact,
Gravity all but crushing your very heart into the dirt.
Then on top of that, a planet
Falling and falling until it smashes your already
Mangled body deeper and deeper into Earth’s mantle
Where you finally stop.
As you look around, breathing although
It feels like inhaling four thousand knives,
You think, “Hey, maybe the worst is over.”
To then hear the Earth shift. The only
Thing between you and the Earth’s core, you suddenly realize,
Is a flimsy span of four inches of damaged and cracked rock.
Your body sinks, a half an inch.
You feel the scorching hot sear of molten lava on your exposed back
That’s when it ends.
It’s an all-consuming cornucopia of feelings that you can’t
Explain or justify. Physical feelings, emotional feelings.
And they suck.
That’s how it feels
When I’m thinking about you.
This feels like free-form poetry rather than a song.
There's no structure to it, so it's hard to imagine any sort of melody really working.

Now there is some music like that which works, and I generally find it hard to really appreciate lyrics absent melody most of the time anyway, but even more so than most stuff people post here, this didn't feel like a song.