I've already filled it with drugs and sent it overseas, and I've already had it searched a few times, failing the idea of filling it with bratwurst I'm now out of ideas so I need your help.

Long story short - I have a Charvel model 6, (HSS, 3 on/off switches; 1 for each pickup and 3 regular volume control sized holes) and it's currently empty, I sold off all it's parts during time of desperate need and it now has no electronics. I have the on/off things, but am wondering if I could do any interesting wiring business with it. Could we use it to turn an effect on and off? Could we use it to create an interesting combination of the pickups?

As an added bonus, I've ghetto converted it to a hardtail which means we still have the entire tremolo cavity free for something. I'm not filling it because my modification is fully reversible if I ever have to sell it, but we could possibly fit something in. I'd been thinking of doing something with a pedal and mounting it on the back of the guitar in the trem cavity, but I don't know.

I'm open to suggestions because while I'm willing to do pretty much anything to it, I have very little clue when it comes to electronics. My ideas have been boring because I don't know what possibilities there are, so hit me, what interesting things can I do with 3 pickups (a p90 and two stacked singles) 3 on off switches and a lot of space?
There are so many options, idk even where to start. Try thinking about effects or mods that you have seen elsewhere and would like to try. An easy and effective item is a killswitch, a la Buckethead.
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I was thinking of a killswitch. I've also been looking at the switches and I think they are on on switches, so I'm thinking I might be able to get some more interesting things going on. I'm not particularly bothered about coil splitting or phase switches because I have a guitar that does that stuff.

Kaoss pad could be an interesting idea, I've been trying to think and it's just sort of difficult to know what I can do really, I mean is there some way to make it so that an on/ on switch works like a switch between effects.

From a 4 wire pickup -------------------- ground
--------------------- hot connected to an on switch 1
---------------------- coil 1 connected to switch 2, via a tone knob, or something else so that I can get a different sound or effect . . .
---------------------- coil 2 connected to another switch . . .

I don't know. I'm good enough at soldering to rewire a guitar if I know what goes where as I've rebuilt most of my guitars, but I don't know enough to know why things do what they do so I can't build my own circuits a lot so I'm not really sure what is physically possible.

For example, if I wanted to take the wire of one of the coils meant for tapping or something, does that just work like an extra hot wire as though it was a separate pickup so I can then run it to a tone pot, or something and start blending tones?

Could we wire it up that a pickup is going through a 250k pot in one position and then through a 500k pot in another position? or even no pot? Then the same pickup could be a lot brighter with one switch and less bright with another which would possibly give it an interesting boost for solos. Not so much adding treble and volume as taking away the reduction imposed by a pot. . . See I'm just not sure.

Is it possible to wire everything up so that I can put a jack in the back of the guitar as well as the front so I can do interesting things with two speakers and just feed each speaker something else?

Suppose there are a lot of options. I just figure if we get some interesting things thrown down then we can thin them out and work out whats practical and what's financially viable because whatever happens this will be on a budget of as close to zero as we can get.
Quote by CobenBlack

From a 4 wire pickup -------------------- ground
--------------------- hot connected to an on switch 1
---------------------- coil 1 connected to switch 2, via a tone knob, or something else so that I can get a different sound or effect . . .
---------------------- coil 2 connected to another switch . . .

Does not understand this, draw schematic/diagram...

Bypass switch is super easy to do, it could be used like a solo boost. Piezo of some sort would be interesting, but I don't know exactly how those work. You could have a stereo jack (or two mono jacks) with the piezo and the normal pickup going to different outputs. It's really quite unlimited. Do the kaossilator haha.